Services Provided

Boarding - $25 per dog per day

FIFO - $20 per dog per day

Dog Day Care - $15 per dog per day

Paddling Pool -

For those water crazy dogs who can't get enough of water, and love a cool down, we provide a paddle pool ... FREE 

Hydrobath - 

Free for stays over 21 days (for agreeable dogs).

Come home to a clean dog - add on a Hydrobath to your package for $15 per wash and dry (your second dog for only $10)

Grooming Service -

Grooming includes a Hydrobath, blow dry, brush, detangle etc.

Grooming promotes good hygiene and health.

Packages start from $50.

Daily Walking -

Your pet can continue to enjoy their daily routines while on holidays with our dog walking service. 

1 dog -  15 minute walk - $10     1 dog -  30 minute walk - $20

2 dogs - 15 minute walk - $15     2 dogs-  30 minute walk - $30

Doggy Treats -

For $5 per treat, dogs will  enjoy a stuffed Kong with nutritional and delicious delights. These are excellent for keeping your dog amused for hours, stimulating the mind and promoting good dental health (you are welcome to bring your own favourite treats also).

In the warmer months dogs can enjoy a frosty pop (beef or chicken flavoured popsicle) to keep cool.